Vegetable Garden, Late June

| June 22, 2009

late-june-pan, originally uploaded by susteph. did a quick panorama of the veggie garden. the beans are pathetic. there are spots in this garden that don’t drain so well, so this rainy weather has been death to some stuff. potatoes are thriving, though…!

Slugs Are Eating My Cat!

| June 21, 2009

big guy came in this morning after his usual a.m. round of the premises, and as i was petting him, a slug came off his tail. it was a little slug, but still… you know it’s been raining too long when slugs are eating your cat!

You Know That Peacock I Mentioned?

| June 20, 2009

well, he’s decided to adopt us. my neighbors had to lock their chickens up when he started biting them, and i guess he wandered over here and likes the strawberries we have growing everywhere in the yard (dh likes to put them all around so he can eat as he wanders the yard). fun fact: […]

Another hazard of country living…

| June 10, 2009

…albeit a very odd one, is having a peacock smash into the bathroom window while you’re sitting on the john, doing bathroom bidness. this is a sketch i did of my neighbor’s peacock, mr. p., only frankly, his tail doesn’t look that good. he’s a stray that had been wandering around our neighborhood, hanging out […]

Cold and rainy

| June 9, 2009

yucky day today; cold and rainy. very rainy. but yesterday was great, and when dh suggested a canoe trip, i had no choice but to agree. there were lots of yellow flowers out, and i would swear they were lotuses. the pond is really getting to be very choked with water plants. there are several […]

Again with the Wildlife

| June 8, 2009

when you live in the country, and i mean in the no-cellphone-service, ubiquitous-smell-of-manure-in-spring, recreational-gunfire, personal-herd-of-deer-on-the-property, tractor-traffic-jams kind of country, you tend to get a lot of wildlife of the more exotic kind. we’re not talking squirrels and robins here. we’ve got not one but two of these lovely ladies in our driveway this morning, digging […]

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