Auntie Beak’s Hike Finder

below is a compilation of most of the hikes i have posted about on my blog. you can click on the "city, state," "hike," "distance (miles)," or "rating" headings to reorder the table by that heading. a second click on the same heading reorders it as descending. check back often, as i will continue to add hikes to this page. see the key to the resources, below the main table. i relied heavily on the various editions of ken weber's books. some of the hikes are different from edition to edition, so it's worth having them all.

for further exploration of local hikes, i also recommend visiting trails and walks in rhode island. this website uses a lot of the same resources, but highlights more hikes and walks in the northern part of rhode island, as well as southeastern massachusetts.

found another great hiking reference! this is another sortable hike list, this time from a group called check out their sortable hike finder at, or find a hike by using their interactive trail map at excellent pages, and a great resource.

NOTE: as of january 2014, apparently the connecticut chapter of the nature conservancy has removed all the downloadable trail maps from their preserve websites. i contacted the nature conservancy webmaster, but i got no clear explanation for this action. they do, however, have a book they can sell you...

City, State Hike Distance
Rating Trailhead
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NOTE 1: online map is oriented with south at the top!
NOTE 2: this hike can be pieced together using the 2 cited maps, plus street maps. bear in mind, blue pond is no longer a pond.
NOTE 3: could not find a decent, or even a poor, map for this hike online.
NOTE 4: couldn’t find anything online, so i made my own map for this hike. use at your own risk.
NOTE 5: orange-dotted line is my route on this map.
NOTE 6: online map no longer available... see the note at the top of the page.


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GSP-B (Great Swamp Press map of Big River Management Area, 2005)

GSP-C (Great Swamp Press map of Carolina and Burllngame-Hiking Trails, Footpaths & Roads, 2004)

GSP-L (Great Swamp Press map of Long and Ell Ponds Natural Area Trail Map, 2004)

GSP-P (Great Swamp Press map of Pachaug State Forest, Connecticut-Hiking Trails, Footpaths & Roads, 2004)

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