Again with the Wildlife

Posted By on June 8, 2009

when you live in the country, and i mean in the no-cellphone-service, ubiquitous-smell-of-manure-in-spring, recreational-gunfire, personal-herd-of-deer-on-the-property, tractor-traffic-jams kind of country, you tend to get a lot of wildlife of the more exotic kind. we’re not talking squirrels and robins here.

snapping turtle

we’ve got not one but two of these lovely ladies in our driveway this morning, digging holes for egg-laying. i feel kind of bad about this. i’m presuming the poor old things were born here, long before there was a “house” and a “driveway” to contend with, and some magnetic thingy in their brains is telling them “this is the same place you were born.” you can kind of see them peering around myopically and imagine they’re thinking to themselves “huh? this doesn’t look at all familiar…”


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