Another hazard of country living…

Posted By on June 10, 2009

…albeit a very odd one, is having a peacock smash into the bathroom window while you’re sitting on the john, doing bathroom bidness.


this is a sketch i did of my neighbor’s peacock, mr. p., only frankly, his tail doesn’t look that good. he’s a stray that had been wandering around our neighborhood, hanging out with a flock of wild turkeys, for about 3 years before he decided to adopt our neighbors. the food was better, and he didn’t have to sleep in the trees with one eye open for gray foxes, i guess. he’s a kind of sorry specimen, what with his raggedy tail. plus he keeps stalking my neighbors’ chickens, looking for love. he can also be frequently seen forlornly wandering around behind any unlucky hen turkey who happens into his orbit.

anyway, i guess he saw his reflection in our bathroom window this morning, and decided to attack that ugly old rival in the window, cause there i was, peacefully sitting, when BAM! he comes flying into the window, bounces off the screen and winds up on the air conditioning unit. he did have the grace to look a little embarassed…


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