Unnamed Parcel, N. Stonington

| September 21, 2017

Unnamed Parcel, N. Stonington

5 miles; North Stonington, Griswold, and Preston, CT Some Garden Club friends who are also members of Avalonia Land Conservancy invited me along to view a parcel they’re trying to get the money together to purchase in North Stonington. It is a huge, 400-acre property which abuts some Nature Conservancy parcels and other Avalonia land, […]

Bay Circuit Trail Section 22

| September 18, 2017

6.68 miles; West Bridgewater, Bridgewater, & East Bridgewater, MA Worst section yet, I think. First, it was icky out, misty and cool. Second, all but the last 9/10s of a mile was roads. Third, did I mention it was almost entirely on the roads? Fourth, part of it wasn’t even the BCT—today’s section included a […]

Retreat Trails, Brattleboro

| September 16, 2017

Retreat Trails, Brattleboro

7.17 miles; Brattleboro, VT The hubs and I took a short, 2-night trip up to Brattleboro, Vermont, to do some recreating and eat at our favorite restaurant, TJ Buckley’s. The B&B we stayed in, 1868 Crosby House, backed onto a big property called The Retreat Farm, and it had 9 miles of hiking trails. Sold! […]

Bay Circuit Trail Section 21

| September 14, 2017

7.21 miles; Easton and West Bridgewater, MA This section was part pretty cool and part confusing and part boring. The cool part was the Hockomock Swamp Wildlife Management Area. The confusing part was the contradiction between the trail Guide and the blazing, and the boring part was nearly 3-3/4 miles of road walking. This section […]

Bay Circuit Trail Section 20

| September 8, 2017

8.75 miles; Sharon and Easton, MA I very much liked this section, even though it had some nasty power line stretches and ended with almost 2 miles of road-walking. There were some gorgeous trails and it was a beautiful hiking day, weather-wise. I’ve been very lucky all along with the Bay Circuit Trail hikes as […]

Bradford Preserve

| September 2, 2017

Bradford Preserve

2.13 miles; Westerly, RI As I was finishing up Parker today, I got a text from some PCHC friends who were in the area and wanted to visit a small local preserve. I joined them and was quite pleasantly surprised. I’ve driven by this huge field dozens of times, but never realized there was a […]

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