Posted By on February 3, 2012


the dh wanted another batch of the dark chocolate champagne cupcakes that i made for new years for the superbowl, but the danged recipe makes 36 FREAKIN CUPCAKES. i boxed up all but 9 to give to various friends and relatives, and minus the 3 dh “sampled,” i am left with 6 for sunday, which is more than enough. MORE than enough.

did i mention that these are CHAMPAGNE cupcakes? i bought a bottle of CUPCAKE prosecco. couldn’t resist. the recipe uses a whole 1/2 cup of champagne. and whoops, there’s a lot of prosecco left over! dang, again! can’t let it go flat…

it’s actually quite hard to make the flying elvis logo out of frosting. particularly after consuming 8 ounces (or so) of leftover prosecco. just fyi.

then again, i am quite thankful they changed to the flying elvis logo from pat patriot. can’t imagine trying to do him in frosting.

GO PATS!!!!!!!


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