100 Miles on Barn Island

Posted By on November 30, 2014

100 Miles on Barn Island

5.01 miles; stonington, ct

welp, i did it… i hiked 100 miles in november, finishing it up, fittingly, on barn island. this was the place back in january of 2012 where i amazed myself by actually walking 3 whole miles in a row. (just a warning, if you follow that link you won’t find much. i really  hadn’t gotten the hang of this whole blog writing thing yet.) i went with a friend, mr. trails and walks in ri, and when his post goes up you can see the actual photos from this hike. for now, i’ve posted a photo from a few weeks ago.

barn island

barn island

it looked pretty much the same today. my next goal? i’m up to a little over 461 miles for the year. i’m thinking it should be pretty easy to hit 500 miles for 2014, barring snow.

you can find barn island in the hikefinder.

UPDATE: here’s the link on trails and walks: http://trailsandwalksri.wordpress.com/category/barn-island/


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  1. mountain mama says:

    100 miles. Congratulations!

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