This page is a replacement for the old “Hikefinder” page on my blog. It is a filtered search.

Start by selecting either “State or Country” or “Long Trails” and you can then refine your search by “Hike/Walk Length”. Alternatively or additionally, you can enter the name of a town into the search box.

(Note: If you are looking for a specific property, i.e., The Grills or Black Farm, use the search box to the left in the sidebar.)

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Perry Natural Area

★★★★ this is a cool place. interesting rock piles and old cellar holes and an […]

Pachaug, Hodge Pond Area

★★ dh brought me through some of the trails he bikes, then i tried to […]

Carolina Management Area, South

★★★½ ken weber’s book had me looking for a “barn.” as you can see below, […]

Burlingame State Park

★★★ tried to follow the vin gormley trail, but lost it someplace about a mile […]

Haley Farm State Park

★★★★★ did a short, under 2 mile, loop. need to do more next time! did, […]

Napatree Point

★★★★½ lotta dogs. never did find the fort…

Pachaug State Forest, Chapman Area

★★★ easy if boring. best part? bathrooms!!! picture of ice in brook makes it look […]

Barn Island Management Area

★★★★★ walked the 3-mile loop trail. had it all to myself. stunning. just beautiful. definitely […]

Clarks Falls Road

★ brought to you by the letter C for COLD!!!!! (ok, being a baby… it […]

Bluff Point State Park

★★ i forgot today was a holiday for most people. parking lot must have had […]



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