A Post About Hiking Without, You Know, Actual Hiking

Posted By on January 27, 2013

A Post About Hiking Without, You Know, Actual Hiking

i’ve been way too wimpy to go out in single-digit temperatures, so i’ve been working on a hiking web project instead. i’m putting together a sortable table of all my hikes in the area. once i finish, you will be able to sort by hike, state, town, or length of hike. it’s a big project, and i’m also putting in links to trail heads, online trail maps where i can find them, and also listing references in my various books and maps of hikes in the area, most of which are ken weber books.

and while i was doing this, i realized that there are a lot of fairly local places that i haven’t been yet! who knew?

books and maps

books and maps

so i’ve decided to hit all the places i’ve missed so far. i’ve gone through that pile up above, and come up with 23 hikes. they range in length from 77 miles (yeah, the north-south trail… gotta do it!) to 2.5 miles. the shortest one is rome point in wickford, ri, but i really want to see the seals, so that stays on the list. otherwise, i eliminated all the city walks and the shorter ones, with nothing else shorter than 3 miles.

there are also some hikes that come up pretty often in the hiking meetup groups i belong to that i’ve never been on (if the truth be told, i didn’t join them so much to go hiking with a group of strangers, but to get ideas of places to go).

so instead of an actual, you know, hiking post, this was a post about hiking. hope you enjoyed it. stay tuned for the debut of the “auntie beak hike finder,” coming to a computer near you, uh, soon-ish.


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  1. Jeff says:

    Looking forward to that soonerish rather than laterish.

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