A Slight Case of Mistaken Identity

Posted By on December 2, 2015

A Slight Case of Mistaken Identity

so i heard from someone at the amc, narragansett chapter, about this structure on the yellow-blazed ben utter trail in arcadia.

under (re-) construction

under re-construction (photo by trails and walks in ri, used by permission)

i have in the past identified it as a backpacking shelter, but this is not correct. this structure was (and will be in the future) a picnic pavilion. it was originally built in the 1930’s by the civilian conservation corps. you can find info on it and all the other ccc projects in rhode island in this pdf document, “Civilian Conservation Corps in Exeter RI,” published by the exeter historical society. some of the other photos in this document will also look familiar to anyone who has hiked extensively in arcadia.

before it fell

before it fell

this is what it looked like before it got knocked down by the violent storms we had late last spring. the amc-narragansett chapter is in the process of rebuilding it. the amc person i spoke with was especially concerned with making it clear that this building is NOT a campsite, although there are numbered campsites in this same area which can be used by anyone who gets a permit from the arcadia forestry mangement headquarters. it is strictly to be used for picnicing and gathering, not for camping.



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