Airline Trail & Tri-State Marker

Posted By on April 7, 2012

Airline Trail & Tri-State Marker

★★★★½  2.1 miles

quick trip up the airline trail to the ct-ma-ri marker. the airline trail is a former railroad bed for a train that used to connect new york and boston, and ran through east thompson, ct. we hopped on at new road and east thompson road, the site of the only 4-train wreck in u.s. history. the railbed trail is in pretty good shape here, considering it gets used by atvs and dirtbikes. then we poked around trying to find the infamous “hermit’s cave,” a mysterious stone chamber built by “corbelling.” its origins and purpose are unknown, and there is plenty of speculation. we didn’t find it on the outgoing trip, but did on the return trip. and the blue-blazed trail to the tri-state marker is steep and rocky. but i was just thrilled to find the marker! 50:50 hikey:walkey, with a lot of climby. a lot of cool stuff for such a short hike!

The CT-MA Marker at the beginning of the Blue-Blazed Trail



Yours Truly at the Tri-State Marker


Hermit’s Cave, Outside


Hermit’s Cave, Inside


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  1. Linda Ferrara says:

    I enjoy this type of hike – when you get into nature AND some local history. I find it makes more interesting and meaningful. I love the bridge photo!

  2. […] have been wanting to do this for ages, ever since i walked to the tri-state marker from east thompson. i distinctly remember looking longingly at the trail that led off west and wishing i could walk […]

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