Ankle Day Hike

Posted By on August 9, 2014

Ankle Day Hike

5 miles; exeter, ri

if you recall a couple of weeks ago i wanted to go out and complete the hike i started a year ago which was interrupted by a broken ankle, but circumstances got in the way and i was unable to do it. well, better late than never, because i completed it today, a year and 2 weeks later. the plan was to hike out the escoheag trail from the trailhead on escoheag hill road, then pick up the sand hill trail down to old ten rod road, and back up via the mount tom trail. it’s a great hike, but i will admit i was very nervous heading out.

the rock, a.k.a. “auntie's bane”

the rock, a.k.a. “auntie’s bane”

this is the rock i slipped off and broke my ankle in 3 places on july 26th, 2013. this time, just to be on the safe side, i scooched down it on my butt. i wasn’t taking any chances!

that trauma passed, i was able to relax and enjoy the rest of the hike.

weird fungus

weird fungus

shortly after “auntie’s bane,” i saw a log off to the side of the trail that was festooned with these weird humps. up close, it turned out to be many large clumps of this fungus, some sort of clavarioid or club fungus. never saw that many in one place.

"water" crossing

“water” crossing

this spot is typical of a lot of the water crossings i’ve been seeing in the woods lately—completely and totally dry. this is usually a pretty damp spot. not right now, however.

woods around sand hill trail

woods around sand hill trail

this is why i am so enamored of sand hill trail. it goes through a very old white pine forest, and the trail is a thick carpet of pine needles. it’s comfortable and soothing to walk on.

someone's lunch

someone’s lunch

every now and then while hiking you come across the evidence of nature “red in tooth and claw.” this poor bird was somebody’s lunch, its feathers scattered across the trail.

peak bagging, mount tom summit

peak bagging, mount tom summit

did a little peak bagging, too, while i was out. this is the “summit” of mount tom.

i have added this hike to the hikefinder. you can find it under “ankle day hike.”


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