Another River Walk

Posted By on January 10, 2021

Another River Walk

4.5 miles; 298 ft. total ascent; Asheville, NC

It was a cold, very bright sunny day here in Asheville. Thought I’d take a quick walk before the NFL playoff games started, so I walked down Riverview Ave., through the Dog Park, and back along the “informal” river trail on the west bank of the river. Turns out mud is pretty slippery… fortunately I only got 1 knee very muddy, but still. Gotta remember that!

Poor Snowman

To start off I chose to reverse my usual order and walk down Riverview Ave. first. It was pretty steep going in this direction, but not as steep as going in the opposite direction. Anyway, it’s a nice neighborhood of closely-packed little houses with some fabulous views to the east and the west of the mountains surrounding Asheville, not to mention the view of the French Broad River. This little sad snowman was in somebody’s yard, quickly melting away.

The Trail

I love this little semi-legal trail (it’s technically posted “no trespassing” at its southern end, but nobody pays attention to that). It’s hundreds (literally) of feet below Riverview Ave., right along the banks of the river, and it has a nice feel to it.

There’s really not much (any) information about this trail online, and what I’ve posted is somewhat incomplete since it starts and ends at my house. But still, I have posted a gpx file, so click the link above to download if you’re interested.


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