Arcadia, Breakheart/Shelter Trails

Posted By on March 14, 2012

Arcadia, Breakheart/Shelter Trails

★★★★★  6.61 miles

did this hike with some friends. amazing trip; we saw wildlife (fisher cat and frogs), and the weather was glorious for mid-march. 75:25 hikey:walkey, some moderate climby, but not much. it’s nice to have a trail guide!

Breakheart Pond Dam


Cellar Hole


Flat River



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  1. mountain mama says:

    Great time waliking in the woods with you today Aunite Beak. Hope we can do another hike real soon.

  2. […] walked about a mile into arcadia. this is right along the shore of breakheart pond. i have walked this exact trail before, i think one of the first times i went out with “the usual suspects” back in march. i only […]

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