Arcadia, Hudson, and Tripp Trails

Posted By on October 10, 2012

Arcadia, Hudson, and Tripp Trails

5.91 miles   ★★★★

the forecast for today was mostly cloudy. well, it was mostly rainy, but that did not deter the “usual suspects.” the original plan was to walk the entire 7-mile arcadia trail, but we decided, because it was raining, to cut it short. then we decided it was ending too soon, so we extended it. go figger. great day for me because BLACK TRUMPETS!!!

the usual suspect-in-chief, hiking in the rain

yes, it was raining. yes, we are hardcore.

black trumpet, craterellus fallax, in situ

this was moments before i scooped this one, and a mess more, up. i was very excited to find these, finally, because the only other time i’d seen them was before i knew they were edible. i’ve been looking ever since. this is my haul…

my haul

they don’t look like much, do they? i will totally do a post once i’ve tried them, but it won’t be tonight, as i’m going to dinner for my anniversary.

this hike is in arcadia wildlife refuge (don’t forget, hikers, to wear blaze orange now through april, as it’s hunting season). i’ve done portions of this hike several times before.


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  1. sharon says:

    the black one is quite a find.!

  2. Cynthia D says:

    Very very hardcore

  3. mountainmama says:

    I you sure that’s not Mary Poppins hiking on the trail

  4. […] i’ve hiked portions of these trails in the past, in august, march, and earlier this month. […]

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