Arcadia South

Posted By on August 10, 2012

Arcadia South

4.38 miles  ★★★★½

found an interesting-looking route on a map of some trails in the very southeast corner of arcadia to try. this was a blast, once i found the correct trail head. the first part of the trail, which was a section of the north-south trail, was quite boulder-y and challenging. after i turned off the north-south trail, i explored the arcadia trail and then the arcadia crossover trail. the arcadia (yellow-blazed) section had a lot of beautiful boardwalks over areas that are probably pretty swampy most of the time. and the first and last part of the trail was cool because it went right under route 95. it was all fun, in spite of the heat and humidity. and as a bonus, there are some alternate trails i’d like to explore next time.

wicked boulder-y section of the north-south trail


clavulinopsis fusiformis?

cool finger-shaped fungus. this was pretty plentiful on the trail.

beautiful boardwalk

this handsome boardwalk even had rough roofing tiles nailed to the center as a non-skid surface. thanks, amc!

interesting symbol

this intriguing stone pattern was embedded in the remains of an old concrete bridge over baker creek. no idea what it is, but it looks cool. is that maybe a “79” in the lower right? not sure.


chicken of the woods

bonus fungus shot! lots and lots of chicken of the woods. wish i were brave enough to try eating it…

this trail system can be accessed from the parking lot of a state or town (unclear whose it is) highway garage on route 3 at the exeter/richmond line. there is no official trail map for this, so i’ve added my route (blue dotted line) to a rhode island dem map of the area. the pink dotted line is an alternate loop i’d like to try sometime.



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  1. Cynthia says:

    Wow. It’s a fungus orgy! Love that finger-shaped one. Actually, I love them all, but you already knew that.

  2. […] think the proper name for this hike, which i last did in august, is tefft hill. my main goal was ’shrooms, and i succeeded with a big ol’ hen-of-the-woods, but […]

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