Arcadia, Browning Mill Pond & Tefft Hill

Posted By on October 3, 2012

Arcadia, Browning Mill Pond & Tefft Hill

4.1 miles  ★★★★

a “usual suspects” hike. it was a cool, foggy morning, and we were moving pretty quickly because of one of the suspect’s time constraints, so it was a vigorous workout of a hike, but fun. found, and left, another hen, and grabbed a couple of pieces of sulfer shelf to try for lunch.

hikes with bathrooms #14

yet another in my continuing series, and unbelievably, this was not the only one today! but i’ve already highlighted the other one in another post, so no repeats.

browning mill pond

the pond was lovely this morning. this is from the handicapped-accessible roaring brook trail.

small white aster, aster vimineus

there were lots of different kinds of asters around the pond, too. i thought this one was particularly striking.

doll’s-eyes, actaea pachypoda

these berries are called doll’s-eyes, for obvious reasons. they are also called white baneberry, for the less obvious, but more important reason that they are quite poisonous and can cause cardiac arrest. they are harmless to birds, however.

sorry, fungoids, no fungus shots today.

the loop we walked today is featured in the excellent book Walks in the Watershed, by Charles Hickox and Elly Hyeder. good  luck trying to find it on amazon… the only place online that i know of where you can get it is from the wood-pawcatuck watershed association store. i found it at ure outfitters in hope valley.



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  1. sharon says:

    never ssen white aster!!..what does the dolls eveye plant look like? unusual!!

  2. Cynthia D says:

    Photos are extra nice this time, Sue

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