Arcadia WMA, Arcadia, Sandy Brook and Dove Crest Trails

Posted By on April 15, 2013

3.68 miles   2.4 mph

this was about the same mileage as the last few hikes, but with fewer ups and downs. gonna have to start increasing my mileage, i guess. sandy brook is actually an old dirt road that is multi-use (i.e., motorized vehicles). it is in really good shape in spite of that, and made for a pleasant hike. not overly flat and road-like, and not too badly eroded or torn up.

appie crossing

appie crossing

started and finished at appie crossing on 165. “appie” is short for appalachian mountain club. it’s the amc, narragansett chapter, that maintains all the hiking trails in arcadia.

dove crest trail

dove crest trail

here is the dove crest trail. it was actually a little more pounded down by motorized vehicles than sandy brook trail was.

although this hike is very similar to an earlier hike, i went ahead and created a new map and added it to the hikefinder.


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