Arcadia Trail

Posted By on October 24, 2012

Arcadia Trail

7.19 miles   ★★★★★

the usual suspects hike today was the entirety of the arcadia trail. we did a car spot. it was cold and dreary, but not so cold i couldn’t wear shorts! this is an extremely pretty trail, whose only fault is the almost omnipresent road noise from route 95. i guess i don’t notice it so much when i hike solo because i wear headphones.

your fungus shot for today

unidentified white shrooms on an old log.

abandoned nest

another abandoned nest by the side of the trail.

from the roaring brook handicapped-access hiking trail

the beech trees were especially lovely today, with their yellow-gold leaves against the dark browns of the trunks of other trees in the woods.

mysterious chimney

we saw this old fireplace in the woods… it didn’t seem to be part of a house, but it looked way too sophisticated to be just a campground fireplace. an unsolved mystery…

the arcadia trail runs from the arcadia forestry headquarters on arcadia road in richmond ri to “appie crossing,” across from the john b. hudson trailhead on route 165 in exeter.


3 Responses to “Arcadia Trail”

  1. Cynthia says:

    Yup, it was a good one, although I didn’t end up getting home until nearly 3…
    Beech trees in the fall: yes!
    And how about that “near miss” with the trail runner?????

  2. sharon says:

    so interesting….I wish i had a place to walk

  3. […] It was a through-hike of the yellow-blazed Arcadia Trail in the Arcadia Wildlife Management Area. I’ve done it before with my “usual suspect” friends, but not in almost 4 years. Wow, I’ve been hiking […]

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