Beach Pond/Tippecansett Trail

Posted By on March 21, 2012

Beach Pond/Tippecansett Trail

★★★★  4.85 miles

another wednesday hike with my master gardener friends. pretty varied terrain, but minimal climby. prolly 60:40 hikey:walkey. some old woods roads, some beautiful woodland trails through old hemlock and young white pine woods.

Amazing Root Structure


Another Rock Ledge

there will be no posting for a few days, as i am off now to florida to watch the red sox in their new ballpark. back soon!


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  1. mountain mama says:

    Nice photos. It was great having you along today. You are trooper walking the boring woodland roads and not complaining… I like that!

    • auntie says:

      hey, mm! it was fun, and don’t tell anyone, but i like walking on boring roads. sometimes. c u next week!

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