Arcadia WMA, Breakheart Brook Hike

Posted By on April 9, 2013

Arcadia WMA, Breakheart Brook Hike

1.9 miles   2.4 mph

forgot to mention that yesterday, for the first time, i took shirley the backpack out with me on my hike. it had been almost 6 weeks since i bought her, and wouldn’t you know i didn’t adjust her properly! the shoulder straps were floating somewhere below my ears. i walked 5 miles with it anyway, then went back to r.e.i. where my mistake was pointed out to me in about 3 seconds flat. whoops.

so i took it easy on myself (and shirley) today and just walked the route of the garden club hike i will be leading on may 18: park at frosty hollow, walk up the unblazed trail on the west bank of breakheart brook, then back via the john b. hudson and shelter trails. it was HOT. nws claims it got to 82 today! figures we’d go from 40’s to 80’s in one shot…

red maple at breakheart pond

red maple at breakheart pond

the red maples are finally FINALLY beginning to bloom here in r.i. looking back at last year’s red maple photo, i see the date was march 26th… fully two weeks earlier than today.

even though it’s short and comprised of other hikes, i’ve put this hike in the hikefinder, since i made such a nice map of it and everything.

UPDATE: for much more eloquent musing on red maples, see this david haskell blog post.


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  1. Thank you for the link! Glad to see the maples emerging!

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