Arcadia—Deep Pond, Dye Hill, & Brushy Brook Trails

Posted By on November 12, 2012

Arcadia—Deep Pond, Dye Hill, & Brushy Brook Trails

5.25 miles   ★★★½

wow, this was a longer hike than my poor tired legs wanted to do today. also, new rule: never, never, hike a new trail without hiking poles. i fell 3 times because the trail was rocky and ledgy and completely obscured by fallen leaves. and my legs were tired. all that said, i really liked these trails, and would love to go back. later.

sandy damage

this was the first time i’ve been out to arcadia since the hurricanes, superstorms, and nor’easters blew through. whatever you call them, they kind of made a mess. the trail was barely passable in places, because of the blowdowns, which seemed to be worst where the underbrush was densest, thus making them impossible to detour around. you just had to bull your way through. there was one place where a big oak blew down right at a crucial trail juncture, and i ended up missing the turn and having to back track to find it.

rock ledge

the first part of the trail past deep pond, which i did last month, was routed below a cool rock ledge. i shot a panorama, because that’s the only way you can appreciate it.

old tractor parts

a part of the brushy brook trail runs through an old farm, and you can see the legacy of that everywhere. there were interesting old tractor parts…

collection of shards

a cool collection of ceramic, glass, and pottery shards which someone thoughtfully arranged on a stone wall, and speaking of stone walls…

there is an amazing complex of stone walls, which, again, i shot a panorama of in order to convey an idea of its complexity.

the trailhead for this hike is the same as the deep pond hike i did last month. it continues from deep pond in a loop following the white and blue-blazed brushy brook trail until it intersects with the white-blazed dye hill trail. you can find portions of this hike in both walks in the watershed by hickox and heyder (#4, beach pond south), and more walks and rambles in rhode island by ken weber (#12, deep pond).


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