Arcadia, Deep Pond Trail

Posted By on October 26, 2012

Arcadia, Deep Pond Trail

3.69 miles   ★★★★★

i passed the 500 mile mark on this trail, which was, by the way, beautiful. hard to believe that 1) i have walked 5oo miles since january 1st (or approximately 23% of the appalachian trail), and b) there are still trails in arcadia i have yet to walk, but both things are true. i found this particular walk in ken weber’s more walks and rambles in rhode islandi’ll admit i was looking for something to put me over the 500 mile mark but no further, as i was under some time constraints. i would have loved to have walked a lot further… there is a loop that can be done, but it would have added another 2 or 3 miles. i will totally be back!


there are a bunch of mysterious cairns on this trail. not as many or as famous as those in the parker woodland, but still, quite a few.

dutchman’s pipes

i’m pretty sure these are dutchman’s pipes that have been pollinated and are in the process of setting seed. very cool looking.

deep pond

the light area through the trees there is deep pond. the deep pond trail ironically doesn’t take you directly to the pond, and i didn’t have time to explore the side trails that might have brought me to the shoreline. this is from a large outcropping overlooking the pond.

buttcrack rock

i actually decided to go find a geocache (there were prolly half a dozen on this trail), and in the process found this “interesting” rock formation. okay, being totally immature here again… busted. still, amirite? buttcrack? just sayin’.


finally, here i am at the 500-mile point. the charming fashion variation on “wearing a vest” came about because it was actually pretty warm out today, and i worked up kind of a sweat. amazing how much this shot looks like the 100-mile shot from back in february, including the rhododendron leaves in front of the lens.

the trail head for this hike was at the roscoe dexter memorial fish and wildlife area sign on the south side of route 165 in exeter, a little over a mile east of the state line. follow the lane from the sign to the white-blazed deep pond trail, half a mile in.


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  1. Kyle Kuns says:

    Congrats on making it over 500 miles.

    • auntie says:

      thanks! it wasn’t my original goal, but it’s very gratifying. no, really, amazing. if you had told me on january 1 that i would walk 500 miles before the end of october, i’d have laughed so hard…

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