Escoheag & Mt. Tom Trails

Posted By on July 19, 2012

Escoheag & Mt. Tom Trails

3.79 miles  ★★★★

as i told a fellow hiking blogger (hogger? bliker?) recently, i love maps and i love to plan hikes by looking at maps. but i really have to learn to pay a little more attention to terrain lines. i hiked this stretch of the escoheag trail in march, but i plum forgot how very climby it was! there were a few places where it was “all fours” time. it was a real workout. fun, though. i’m getting back into longer hikes after my hiatus. it feels good, after i stop sweating like a pig.

i like the name of this wildflower. the “naked” part refers to the fact that it grows on a long thin stalk with no leaves. the picture isn’t the best, but you’d be surprised how hard it is to shoot tiny little flowers on long thin stalks as they nod in the wind, specially with an old “point and shoot” digital camera.

naked-flowered tick-trefoil (desmodium nuiflorum)

i have no idea what kind of mushrooms these are, but i thought they looked kind of cool popping out of the leaves.

orange mushrooms

i was concerned that i wouldn’t find this turn, because i went off the blazed trails and explored some unblazed bridle paths through the woods. needn’t have worried, though.

mt. tom trail sign

and speaking of unmarked, i found this old well right beside one of the trails… it looked quite hazardous!

old well



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