Arcadia/Mt. Tom Trail

Posted By on June 27, 2012

Arcadia/Mt. Tom Trail

★★★★½  6.93 miles

wow. so i broke 300 miles since 1 january today. not bad. this was a pretty strenuous hike, because, as i discovered, slacking off for a couple weeks really hurts, and it was pretty climby. last did this on march 11th. went with the “usual suspects” and we did it as an out-and-back to avoid road-walking.

indian pipes

although these look like fungus, indian pipes are actually a non-chlorophyll-producing perennial plant, related to blueberries. it is parasitic, and gets its nourishment from underground fungus.

amanita muscaria mushroom

apparently, according to my exhaustive (5 minutes with mr. google) research on the internets, this mushroom has a quite storied history as an hallucinogenic. that is NOT a bite on the right that i took out of it. no way.


yes, another actual bathroom, this one about a mile and a half into the hike. and because we did an out-and-back, it was also about a mile and a half from the end. doesn’t get much better than that!

ripe blueberries

the low-bush blueberries along the trail were ripe (and delicious!).

green tiger beetle

called a tiger beetle because it is, apparently, quite ferocious. if you’re another insect. the color is striking, and if anything, even more brilliant in person.



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  1. Cynthia says:

    Impressed with your photos, AB, especially that beetle!
    Nice weather, though….

    I was hoping to read “climby, climby, climby”

    One of the Usual Suspects

    • auntie says:

      it actually wasn’t the most “climby-est” hike i’ve ever done… and the one i did yesterday was a bear. two solid miles uphill. in the heat. with the blackflies. ugh!

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