Hike Finder is Up!

Posted By on February 8, 2013

Hike Finder is Up!

i finally finished the “Auntie Beak Hike Finder!” yay! you can find it at the link. i was trying to double-check all the links, but got bored about halfway through. please let me know if you find any broken links.

it’s pretty self-explanatory, but i’m gonna talk a bit about it anyway. i’ve posted most of my hikes in a sortable table. when i say sortable, i mean you can click on, for example, the “city, state” heading, and it will re-sort the table by the name of the city and state. or if you’re specifically looking for a 3 1/2 mile hike, you can click on the “distance miles” heading, and it will show you the table re-sorted by hike length, ascending. if you click on the “distance miles” heading again, it will  re-sort in a descending order.

i’ve also included links to the trail heads on google maps, and links, where i could find them, to online maps. some of these are better than others. the ri dep maps are sort of lame, but they give you the general idea. i’ve also included references to the various and sundry books and maps i own. there is a key to those at the bottom.

keep checking back, too, because i will continue to add hikes as i do them. enjoy!


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  1. Jeff says:

    What a fine thing you have done! Thank you!!

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