Barn Island WMA

Posted By on October 11, 2012

Barn Island WMA

4.48 miles   ★★★★½

only ding here is that it is too short. beautiful fall day and a lovely walk partly in the woods and partly on a salt marsh. oh, and partly off the property and through a neighborhood, but only a bit over half a mile’s worth.

a perfect fall day

the sky was that brilliant blue it only seems to get in autumn, and it was just cool enough that you didn’t work up a sweat walking. wonderful hiking weather.

barn island in the distance

that wooded area on the left-hand side of the picture in the distance is actually barn island itself. i have been told that there is a house on it, but it is no longer occupied. and, i presume, a barn…

another barn!

this fellow? lady? was on the part of the walk where you’re off the management area and walking through a neighborhood.

milkweed pod

it’s that time of year when the milkweed seeds are flying through the air. these look like fireworks.

snowy egrets, maybe?

there were actually two separate flocks of these big white wading birds on the marsh. i’m not sure what kind of bird they are, or if they are a resident population or migrating… sorry, not a birder. and there was no fungus worth photographing, so you’re stuck with these mysteries instead. they did make me wish i had a fancier camera with a telephoto lens, though.

you can find barn island wildlife management area in stonington, and you can get more information about it, including directions and a trail map here.


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  1. Oh! I wish I could be there !!

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