Bay Circuit Trail, Section 2

Posted By on April 19, 2017

Bay Circuit Trail, Section 2

6.5 miles; Newbury and Rowley, MA

Ugh. This was almost entirely on Route 1A, and not a lot of fun. The first mile was in a Trustees of the Reservations property called Old Town Hill, and that was nice. Oh, and it was also about 40 degrees colder today than it was a week ago for Section 1. I love New England weather… NOT. Sometimes.

Section 2 Terminus

I parked my car again at the end of this section, which was at the trailhead for a property called Prospect Hill. The kiosk there, at least, didn’t have the Bay Circuit Trail info all covered up by junk. Called for a Lyft ride, which came promptly 15 minutes later, and it turned out my driver was a hiker himself, who is planning a 3-month road trip hiking in the western United States. Have fun, Jerry!

Old Town Hill

This hike started out, as I said, in the same spot I left off last week, at a Trustees of the Reservations property called Old Town Hill Reservation. It’s a beautiful spot, overlooking the salt marshes and the ocean beyond. And it was the first mile and last time during this section I was in the woods.

Crossing the Parker River

The weather today was, as I mentioned, 40 degrees colder than last week, and overcast and windy. It wasn’t hypothermia territory, but it wasn’t heat stroke level hot, either. I was wearing a down vest and very glad to have it.

Looking towards the Parker Wildlife Refuge

Even from the roads, there are some lovely views in this area that overlook the seemingly ubiquitous salt marshes.

Wild Apple Tree

The wild apple trees by the side of Route 1A were in bloom.

Abandoned Dog Toy

Also saw this abandoned dog toy stuck in a tree by the side of the road.

As always, click the above image for details and to download my gps track. You can find out more about the Bay Circuit Trail from their website,

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