Bay Circuit Trail Section 25

Posted By on October 13, 2017

Bay Circuit Trail Section 25

8.95 miles; Pembroke & Duxbury, MA

Alas, today was my last ever section of the BCT. It was almost entirely in Duxbury, and it was pretty fantastic. Duxbury managed to thread almost their entire part of the trail through conservation properties, so there was minimal road-walking. This section was a lot of fun, and very sad for me, since I’ve had such a wonderful time all spring and summer hiking this trail. I will very much miss it. Even the road-walking parts.


Duxbury had their own special branding for the BCT with this fancy sign. Also, the blazes weren’t the usual plastic rectangles nailed to the trees—they were painted on instead. It took me a little while to get used to this, but it was pretty consistent, so not too hard.

One of Several Ponds

The trail passed along the shore of several lovely little ponds. This is a great time of year for photographing water, what with the leaf color and the blue, blue skies.

Her Sailing Days are Over

Saw this sorry little old boat in someone’s yard along one of the relatively infrequent stretches of road-walking. She looked so sad, and yet gaily festooned with weeds, as well.

I came across this nice pair of running shoes just past the point where I crossed Route 3. Abandoned or just waiting? How does this happen???

Another Pond

This was one of several ponds I saw walking through the Duxbury Town Forest. There’s quite an extensive trail network through here, and I saw quite a few people.

Not Impressed by Me

Also saw a deer. And as usual, you’ll have to kind of sort of squint to see her. She was not in the least impressed by me. I probably could have gotten closer.

The Last Cranberry Bog

As has been the case for a while now, there were lots of cranberry bogs along this section of the trail, and most of them seemed to still be in production, if the random cranberries I saw on the road are any indication (I’m imagining giant dump trucks so filled with cranberries that some come flying out). This was the final one I passed today. Sigh.

Nice Vignette

Just thought this was a pretty little vignette, with the old fence and the back-lit leaves. It wasn’t until I got the shot that I looked down and realized I was standing in poison ivy. D’OH!

Mile Marker

Forty-two miles to Boston.



And finally, here it is. The terminus of the Bay Circuit Trail on the shore of Kingston Bay. With today’s hike, it came to 222.73 miles. And guess what? I get a pin!!!!

You can read more about the Bay Circuit Trail here. As always, click on the image, above, for details about this section and to download the GPS track.

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