Bay Circuit Trail Section 9

Posted By on June 22, 2017

8.75 miles; Acton and Concord, MA

This section started a few miles south of the end of the Freeman Rail Trail, in a nicely wooded area in Acton. It was almost 9 miles, and unfortunately 4 miles of it was on roads, including the last 3, which ended at the Visitors Center for the Minuteman National Monument. The historic parts come next week, and include Walden Pond. Can’t wait!

Beautiful Old Cellarhole

The first part of this section was through the Nashoba Brook Conservation Area. This is a very historic area, and is loaded with refurbished cellarholes and mysterious stone chambers and interpretive signage.

Trail Through Time

It’s so historically significant that this trail section is labelled “TTT” or “Trail Through Time.”

Stone Chamber Entrance

And here’s a shot of the entrance of the aforementioned mysterious stone chamber. According to the also aforementioned interpretive signage, this could have been Native American, but the prevailing theory is that it’s a colonial-era root cellar.

Stone Chamber

It’s unusual in that it makes an L-shaped turn. It’s really quite cool.

Crossing Nashoba Brook

This section started out in such a promising fashion… many wooded trail through some very nice conservation areas. Only a little road-walking of a mile. Or so I thought.

Across a Field

At the end of this lovely field, though, the idyll ended, and I had to finish the section with three more miles of road-walking. Oh well, it was a lovely day, and the homes I passed by on my walk were beautiful, and very beautifully landscaped. This is a very toney part of town.

You can read more about the Bay Circuit Trail here. As always, click on the image, above, for details about this section and to download the GPS track.

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