Ben Utter Trail-Stepstone Falls

Posted By on July 13, 2012

Ben Utter Trail-Stepstone Falls

2.76 miles  ★★★½

whew. i have whined before about how taking even a week off makes it much harder to get back into doing longer hikes. well, today i decided to take it easy and just do a little 3-miler. not fun. it seemed harder than i think it would have a few months ago. of course, the weather doesn’t help, what with high 80-degree temps and high humidity. and the bugs! it’s odd to think i’m actually nostalgic for march.

speaking of march, that was the last time i did this trail, although at that time i did much more than just the ben utter. the last time included the escoheag trail, and was about 6 miles total. here are some photos… the first one is for contrast: the same bridge in march and in july.

bridge over the falls river in march and july

weirdly, i think i prefer the march version. here is the sole wildflower i thought was nice enough to take a picture of. although, if i could take a nose-o-graph i would share that with you—the scent of honeysuckle was absolutely intoxicating in one spot along the river. i never did find the plant.

common selfheal (prunella vulgaris)

finally, here is a shot from the middle of the river… i was able to walk out on a little sandbar.

the falls river


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