Biscuit City Preserve & Potter Wood

Posted By on April 6, 2014

1.73 miles; south kingstown, ri

a leisurely stroll through some interesting old cellarholes and a well-kept suburban woodland. not much warmer today than yesterday, but at least the sun was shining! oh, and the deerticks were very active.



biscuit city, owned by the south kingstown land trust, is a fascinating site. according to the sklt website, well, i’ll just quote them:

The area dates back to when Native Americans and colonists used it for a water source due to the natural spring that is located on the site. Also there are many historic ruins which include the mill foundation, the water wheel pit, the cellar hole to the miller’s house, and a root cellar. The old spring house has been newly rennovated for safety reasons.

the root cellar has been walled in, presumably for safety reasons also. and there’s an old well.

large cellarhole

large cellarhole

the big cellar hole is really massive and the rock walls are beautiful.



the springhouse is almost magical-looking. it was also locked, and the windows were boarded up, so there was no way to see the spring inside.

since this is such a small property (barely 1/2 mile total trail mileage), my friend and i also visited the kingston improvement association’s property across biscuit city road, potter wood. the paths are very well maintained and marked, and it made for a very pleasant morning stroll.

i have added these properties to the hikefinder.


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