Black Farm Again

Posted By on August 3, 2012

Black Farm Again

1.59 miles  ★★★★½

took another non-hiking friend for a stroll at black farm. that place never disappoints. although i dinged the walk a half-star for being so danged HOT.

cemetery wreath

this beautiful little grapevine wreath was on the fence of the historical cemetery on the property.

deceased dung beetle

unfortunately this picture doesn’t capture  the color of this poor dead dung beetle. it was an iridescent green. gorgeous.

and the obligatory fungus shot… i think these are cinnabar chantarelles, but i wouldn’t bet my life on that. there were many, many of them spread over a large area, and they were very small and fluorescent orange, almost like the blaze orange you have to wear during hunting season. i should have picked one to see what the gills looked like. i guess i’m going to have to take some mushroom id courses.


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