Blackstone Canal, Lincoln

Posted By on April 8, 2017

Blackstone Canal, Lincoln

2.93 miles; Lincoln, RI

Today was Hike #2 of Five Hikes in Five Days. This hike was co-sponsored by the Blackstone Valley Heritage Corridor and the PCHC. It was a nice visit to the canal and the museum. Still too damned cold, though. I am so sick of temperatures in the low 40s! Can’t Spring ever arrive?

Viaduct (Alright! Why a duck? Why that…why a duck? Why a no chicken?)

Cold temperatures aside, it was a lovely day, and we had a great turnout for this hike. Our guide Ernie talked about the barges and the oxen and horses that pulled them along the canal, and how brief a career this great engineering feat had until the advent of the railroads made it quite obsolete.

High Water

It was quite astonishing how high the Blackstone River was today. Not really surprising given the rains we’ve had lately, but still pretty impressive.

Ashton Dam

The water rushing over the dam here was also quite impressive and loud.

The trailhead for this hike was behind the rest area on Route 295 Northbound in Lincoln, RI. GPS coordinates 41.940052, -71.444787. As usual, click the above image for details and to download the GPS track.


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