Block Island, Mohegan Bluffs

Posted By on May 13, 2017

Block Island, Mohegan Bluffs

4.25 miles; Block Island, RI

This wasn’t a long or grueling hike, but it was lots of fun. Some members of the PCHC and I did a road walk from the ferry landing to Mohegan Bluffs and the Southeast Light. Most of us actually climbed down the stairs to the beach, too. It was overcast, but that actually made for some pleaseant hiking/walking. As always on Block Island, there is usually something unexpected and wonderful. Today was no exception.


Yep, that’s an emu. There were also ponies, sheep, goats, and a camel. Who knew there was a Block Island zoo???

Shadbush in Bloom

The shadbush or serviceberry (Amelanchier sp.) were in full bloom all through this hike, as well. This is a shot of a whole swath of them next to the shore of John E.’s Pond.

Mohegan Bluffs

There were 3 separate little side trails off Spring Street that led to overlooks of the bluffs. This was the first one we encountered.

Plantain Flowers

If you squint you can just see the towers of the wind farm on the horizon here. The entire island is now powered by these 5 turbines. It’s the first community in the country to be entirely wind-powered.

Steps to the Beach

The second overlook included this amazing staircase down to the beach at the foot of the bluffs. Someone said there were 130 steps.

The Beach

And yes, I went all the way down to the beach. I figured after tackling the 600+ steps of Amicalola Falls in Georgia, I could handle this no problem.

Beach Rose bud

We were, alas, too soon to see the beach roses (Rosa rugosa) in bloom, but there were at least some buds in evidence.

Southeast Light

And our final stop was Southeast Light. This is the only shot I’m showing, because we encountered a large youth group frolicking in the grass surrounding the lighthouse.

As always, click on the image, above for details of the hike and to download the track.


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