Bluff Point, Haley Farm and the G&S Trolley Line

Posted By on April 24, 2017

Bluff Point, Haley Farm and the G&S Trolley Line

4.5 miles; Groton, CT

This was originally going to be a Cross Groton Trail hike, but my hiking partner had some time constraints, so we did our TSTLC photo on Haley Farm and then visited the latest Peter Marteka column subject, the G&S Trolley Line trail.

Have you guys ever read Peter’s Nature column in the Hartford Courant? I don’t know how he does it, but he continually comes up with new and interesting places to visit in Connecticut. Every time I read his column I have to add to my “Hikes I’d Like to Do” list.

Amtrak Train

This hike started at Bluff Point State Park in Groton, but instead of heading down to the water, we took the trail that runs along the Amtrak track, and I managed to catch a photo of the Acela headed to New York.

First Violets of Spring

Also saw the first violets of the spring. I think I was more psyched about this than the train.

Sky’s the Limit Photo: Canopy Rock

Once we crossed the train tracks using the old Trolley Line bridge (see Peter’s column) we found our way to our Sky’s the Limit Challenge photo site and then worked our way up through Haley Farm admiring the amazing stone walls.

Great Views

There were also some gorgeous views from the rolling fields of the farm.


We found the G&S Trolley Line trail easily enough, but it was a kind of uninteresting paved path, till we got to the boardwalk. This is an amazing stroll along the Poquonnock River. Simply wonderful.

As always, click the above image for details of our route, and to download the gps file. You can find out more about Haley Farm and Bluff Point from the CT DEEP website, and do check out the aforementioned Marteka column for details on the Trolley Line trail.


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