Bluff Point/Haley Farm

Posted By on March 12, 2012

Bluff Point/Haley Farm

★★★★   4.58 miles

i wanted to see what the route was like to get between these 2 parks. it was pretty cool; i walked along the amtrak line for a while till i got to the bridge over the tracks. haley farm is fairly small, so i did a big loop and used the bathroom in their parking lot and headed back. i could easily have done 6–7 miles on this property, but my legs are tired from yesterday, so i decided to give them a break. 100% walkey, no climby to speak of. pretty places, both of them. lots of people out today, too. these 2 parks are big mountain bike destinations. i saw as many bikes as folks on foot. probably more, now that i think about it.

Route from Bluff Point to Haley Farm


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Beautiful Vista at Haley Farm


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