Browning Woods Again

Posted By on November 2, 2016

Browning Woods Again

3 miles; South Kingstown, RI

Coincidentally, I just hiked this property 4 days ago with the PCHC. Today’s group was the Unusual Suspects. It’s still a great little walk, but I could wish it was longer. Next visit I will definitely check out the purported trail to Worden’s Pond.

Aside from that, I wondered what I could possibly say about this place that I hadn’t said four days ago? But sometimes it’s the little things that seem significant.

Somebody's Binky!

Somebody’s Binky!

This fuzzy guy and his binky were stuck up in a shrub at the side of the trail.


Me ‘n’Lambchop

It made me think of my own little silly hiking companion, Lambchop. I carry him because it makes people smile and starts conversations. And because he came from the trail, and I secretly hope that someday some little kid will shriek with joy that his lost hiking pal has been found. I will gladly surrender him, if that ever happens. [Ed.—by now he or she has graduated from college!!!]

Tiny Nest

Tiny Nest

Then there was this tiny, perfect little nest we came across in the middle of the trail. It was made from pine needles, lichens, and mosses. So sweet. After we took photos, I moved it gently off to the side so it wouldn’t get stomped on, leaving it for someone else to discover and marvel over.


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