Browning Woods Plus

Posted By on March 9, 2017

Browning Woods Plus

3.86 miles; South Kingstown, RI

One of my “Usual Suspects” hiking friends broke her ankle a while back. Boy! Could I ever relate. But she’s back hiking again, and we decided to try the mystery trail that shoots off from the Browning Woods trail system. Lo and behold, it’s a Nature Conservancy property with its own trail system. We got some of it in today, but I think it’d make for a nice lollipop loop if you don’t mind a bit of road-walking.

Old Nest

This time of year, with the leaves off the trees you can see a lot of old nests. This one was in a large shrub at the trailside.


Another feature of this trail is the “artwork” left by others. Most of it consists of rock cairns, but this one was some creatively-placed bits of wood stuck into an old stump. I guess art is in the eye of the beholder?


The spot on the blue-blazed Browning Woods trail system where the Nature Conservancy trail branches off isn’t really marked. In fact, it’s barred by some old logs that have been dragged into place. But we had a pretty good idea of where and what it was, so we ventured in, and were rewarded by a nice trail map a few hundred feet further along at the property boundary.

There is literally nothing online to be found about this little preserve, trust me, I looked. But I have a photo of the trail map to prove it exists, and here’s my gps track. As always, click on the image for details.

UPDATE: After posting, I got this info from a friend (I love the internet!)—

That Nature Conservancy property behind Browning Woods is called Cards Camp (according to RIGIS).


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