Camp Yawgoog & the Narragansett Trail

Posted By on November 28, 2012

Camp Yawgoog & the Narragansett Trail

2:48 miles   ★½

this would have been a beautiful hike, but the weather didn’t cooperate. there was a wet snow clinging to everything, and it made the going slippery and miserable. we ended up aborting it early. i only added the 1/2-star because i wasn’t the one in front. we hope to do this again when the weather cooperates.

the trail

ugh. can you say “snow down my neck???” and there were places where there was some rock climbing, which were slippery and scary and downright dangerous.

camp yawgoog is a boy scout reservation in hopkinton, ri. they do allow the general public to use their trails as long as camp is not in session. you can see a trail map of the reservation here (warning—very large file). note that on the map, north is to your right. we hiked the curtis tract, and came back to our cars via the camp road.


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