Camp Yawgoog/North Road

Posted By on May 14, 2012

Camp Yawgoog/North Road

★★★★½  5.57 miles

long hiatus, between rain and gardening chores and family obligations! i really missed being in the woods, and wouldn’t you know, while i was gone, everything’s leafed out and the blackflies arrived (so aside from that, mrs. lincoln, how did you like the play?). i did this hike from my hairdresser’s house, at his recommendation, and it was a good ‘un. i went through camp yawgoog, around yawgoog and wincheck ponds and back. there’s one fantastic stretch where you’re walking through giant rhododendrons. they must be 25-30 feet tall. can’t wait till they’re in bloom. lotta road-walking, though; maybe half. so, 50:50 hikey:walkey, with a teeny bit of climby.

swamp azalea in bloom


pretty little bridge


creepy, flesh-like shelf fungus


cool well creature on north road


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