Canonchet Brook Preserve

Posted By on February 14, 2012

Canonchet Brook Preserve

★★★★½  5.4 miles

a nature conservancy property, and a very nice one. main part of trail was heavily used by atvs, so easily walkable. but all was blazed very well. did about half on roads, which was also fun. the landscape was amazing and interesting. trails were mostly hikey, but i did a lot of road walking too, so in total, maybe 50:50 hikey:walkey. it was an epic trip which i enjoyed a lot.

gigantic (house-sized) glacial erratic

you can’t really tell from the photo because there isn’t anything to compare it to, but this boulder was easily house-sized. it was enormous. and if you look at it the right way, it looks like a tyrannosaurus head. seriously. very very cool.

also, too, if you will notice at the top, where the running totals are, if i do 4 miles tomorrow, i will have walked 100 MILES since january 1st. yay me!


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