Canonchet Preserves

Posted By on July 16, 2015

Canonchet Preserves

2.4 miles; hopkinton, ri

took my hiking ladies up here today. we had perfect weather compared with the last few days—not too hot and low humidity and bright sunshine. lovely.

mushrooms on a log

mushrooms on a log

i’m afraid this blog is fast becoming “all mushrooms all the time.” but i can’t help it. you guys know me and fungus… and for the record, nope, no idea what these are.

root cellar

root cellar

as many times as i’ve hiked this preserve, i never found this old root cellar before. it’s just off the yellow trail, near the little hidey-hole i found one other time. but this one is much larger and deeper. theoretically i could have walked into it. and theoretically, there would be spiders. so no, i did not venture inside.

angry crawfish

on our way out we came across this very aggressive little crawfish. for scale, he was maybe 3″ long. but he reared back and started snapping his tiny claws whenever anyone bent close to look at him. he was right on the trail where it crosses the canonchet brook, and he looked like he’d just crawled out, and he’s lucky nobody stepped on him. i’ll bet he went home to his tiny friends and bragged about how he scared away FOUR HUGE MONSTERS.

you can find canonchet preserves in the hikefindertrailheadtrail map, courtesy the town of hopkinton, ri.


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  1. Anubis Bard says:

    Love the crayfish. A little badass.

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