Carolina Management Area, South

Posted By on January 13, 2012

Carolina Management Area, South


ken weber’s book had me looking for a “barn.” as you can see below, it’s basically just a pile of old lumber now. this was a good walk, but longer than i really wanted it to be. mostly easy but some parts were more “hikey” than i prefer. had to find my way around some spots where the trail had turned into a brook.




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  1. […] like today was, this wasn’t a drawback. i only wish it was longer. which is funny, because the last time i walked it, waaay back in january, i thought it was a) too long, and b) too hikey. funny how things […]

  2. […] weber mentions an old barn in his books. it wasn’t much to look at the first time i came through here, several years ago, and it looks even sadder now. you pick up the north-south trail just beyond […]

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