Carolina WMA South

Posted By on November 20, 2012

Carolina WMA South

3.19 miles   ★★★★

ever have this happen? you see something, and it’s so unexpected that at first you don’t quite even register what it is? that happened to me today while i was getting ready to hike on carolina (this time i’m sure) south. i’m diddling around in the back of my car getting my fanny pack, er, lumbar pack adjusted and ready to go, and i hear something and i look down… and there’s this male ring-neck pheasant standing there about a foot away just checking me out. i was so surprised that it took me a minute to even react, much less get my camera out and start taking pictures, and by that time he’d decided to move on. so cool.


there he is, standing under the carolina sign. so beautiful, and so unexpected.

old cemetery

part of this walk included the north-south trail for a stretch, and this old cemetery is along side the trail.

murmuration of starlings

this seems to have been a day for birds. not much past the cemetery, approaching a canoe camp along the pawcatuck, i surprised a murmuration of starlings.

pawcatuck river from the canoe camp

and here is a shot of the river from the canoe camp. this walk was almost entirely under pine trees, so none of that annoying “leaves all over the trail” thing. it’s also much more of a walk than a hike, but certainly, on a beautiful day like today was, this wasn’t a drawback. i only wish it was longer. which is funny, because the last time i walked it, waaay back in january, i thought it was a) too long, and b) too hikey. funny how things change…

you can find a map of the carolina management area south at the ri dem website.


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