Top Ten Hikes of 2017, Part 2

| December 19, 2017

Top Ten Hikes of 2017, Part 2

And here’s the rest of the hikes I loved this past year [for Part 1, see here]… beginning with #5—Cockaponset Trail, Sections 1 & 2 Another idle evening of poking around on the CFPA’s interactive hiking map, another blue-blazed trail knocked off! This one was too tempting, because it was a) short, and 2) you […]

Bay Circuit Trail Section 25

| October 13, 2017

Bay Circuit Trail Section 25

8.95 miles; Pembroke & Duxbury, MA Alas, today was my last ever section of the BCT. It was almost entirely in Duxbury, and it was pretty fantastic. Duxbury managed to thread almost their entire part of the trail through conservation properties, so there was minimal road-walking. This section was a lot of fun, and very […]

Bay Circuit Trail Section 24

| October 4, 2017

Bay Circuit Trail Section 24

10.17 miles; Hanson & Pembroke, MA This was the penultimate section of my BCT hiking, which makes me very sad. This has been a fantastic adventure, and I don’t know what I’m going to do next, although there’s always the “Connecticut 400,” which is actually 825 miles of blue-blazed hiking trail. Hm. Something to think […]

Bay Circuit Trail Section 23

| September 27, 2017

7.86 miles; East Bridgewater and Hanson, MA Today I cracked 200 miles on the BCT and yet…sigh. Once again, this section included only a brief, albeit fascinating, hike in the woods and a ton of roads. Also sad because there are only 2 sections left. And what the heck is with this weather? Once again […]

Bay Circuit Trail Section 22

| September 18, 2017

6.68 miles; West Bridgewater, Bridgewater, & East Bridgewater, MA Worst section yet, I think. First, it was icky out, misty and cool. Second, all but the last 9/10s of a mile was roads. Third, did I mention it was almost entirely on the roads? Fourth, part of it wasn’t even the BCT—today’s section included a […]

Bay Circuit Trail Section 21

| September 14, 2017

7.21 miles; Easton and West Bridgewater, MA This section was part pretty cool and part confusing and part boring. The cool part was the Hockomock Swamp Wildlife Management Area. The confusing part was the contradiction between the trail Guide and the blazing, and the boring part was nearly 3-3/4 miles of road walking. This section […]

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