Big Laurel, Alarka Creek Headwaters

| May 1, 2022

Big Laurel, Alarka Creek Headwaters

2.51 miles; 183 ft. total elevation gain; Bryson City, NC This was the second guided hike I signed up for as part of the NC Wild Plant Society’s Spring Hiking Weekend (see my earlier post about this event in case you missed it). It was considerably less arduous than yesterday’s hike, but simply fascinating, botanically. […]

GSMNP: Thomas Divide & Kanati Fork Trails

| April 30, 2022

6.68 miles; 453 ft. total elevation gain; Cherokee, NC I’ve been a member of the North Carolina Native Plant Society for a while now, as well as an active volunteer (I’m on the newsletter committee), so when I got the email that announced the Spring Hike Weekend, I was all over it like white on […]

North Carolina Arboretum

| April 27, 2022

North Carolina Arboretum

6.73 miles; 560 ft. total ascent; Asheville, NC I’ve been a member of the Arboretum since I moved down here in early 2020, and I’ve done hikes on some of the trails here, but I never really did a tour of the place, so I decided today it was about time already! I met this […]

Appalachian Trail: Lovers’ Leap Loop

| April 11, 2022

Appalachian Trail: Lovers' Leap Loop

1.81 miles; 367 ft. total elevation gain; Hot Springs, NC I did start out with the best of intentions on this hike, I really did. I meant to do a longer route called the Pump Gap Loop which includes a bigger section of the Appalachian Trail but, well, it was HARD, as in steep and […]

Lake Junaluska

| March 28, 2022

Lake Junaluska

3.76 miles; 276 ft. total elevation gain; Waynesville, NC This walk had been on my radar for a while now, so I finally made the trip out to Waynesville to visit. It definitely qualifies as an “Easy Walk,” in that it’s pretty flat, and all either paved or sidewalks, and even has a shortcut you […]

Ten Years…!

| February 6, 2022

Ten Years...!

The first post on this blog is dated January 1, 2012. Yeah, I know it’s now February, but due to a series of unfortunate events, the older posts required… well, a lot of work. A great deal of my photos had been lost by my previous hosting company. I still had the originals, but they […]

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