Conservation Park, Panama City Beach, FL

Posted By on January 23, 2013

Conservation Park, Panama City Beach, FL

5.07 miles  3 mph

“conservation” park indeed… they should have called it “resource extraction” park. the “trails” were logging roads with cute names. i walked faster than i have ever walked before, though, just to get through it and out of there. and i had a long toenail that cut another toe and i came out of there looking like curt shilling in 2004, what with the bloody sock and all. not my favorite hike of the trip!

the "trail"

the “trail”

yeah, it was ALL like this. five full miles of this. and a good third of it in the sun, as logged forests don’t provide a whole lot of shade.

oh, look! some forest life!

oh, look! some forest life!

yup. forest life. funny this wasn’t on the list of species that one might encounter in the woods.

you can see the enticing and entirely fraudulent web page about this place here at the panama city beach website.


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