Douglas State Forest

Posted By on October 25, 2012

Douglas State Forest

6.31 miles   ★★★★

i have been wanting to do this for ages, ever since i walked to the tri-state marker from east thompson. i distinctly remember looking longingly at the trail that led off west and wishing i could walk it. finally did. however, i was very physically uncomfortable for most of the day, so my enjoyment was somewhat diminished. still a good walk.

amazing complex of cellar holes

for a portion of this hike, you follow the massachusetts midstate trail, which runs from the rhode island border north to new hampshire. at the point where you turn west to head towards the tri-state marker leaving the midstate trail, there is this amazing complex of cellar holes and stone walls. it must have once been a large, thriving farm or even a small farming community. much of this hike is on old farm lanes and tote roads.

witch hazel, hamamelis mollis

i was quite surprised to see the witch hazel in bloom. not sure why… maybe because it seems early?

the state line marker from the east

here it is, as i’m coming down the trail i once looked at with longing.

the southern new england trunkline trail

my original plan was to take this trail, the southern new england trunkline trail, back to the area where the car was parked. but it was so boring to walk on! straight, level… bleah. no fun. i managed to find a side-trail that took me back to the midstate trail instead. much better.

old bridge

this bridge was just past the spot where the side-trail headed off. i saw it in the distance and decided to take a short detour to see what it was. glad i did. you can still see the granite abutments where the railroad bridge was. and the colors in the swamp were gorgeous.

you can find a description, directions, and a trail map of the douglas state forest on massachusetts department of conservation’s website.


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  1. scott says:

    It’s a fine place! I love camping in those woods

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