Duval Trail

Posted By on July 18, 2012

Duval Trail

2.2 miles  ★★★½

a “usual suspects” hike. i have to give this one a sweat-index of 100… it was awfully hot and humid. but i had an easier time on the hills this time than last time, so that’s a plus. also, it was almost too hot to take pictures, so i only got 2. this aster is, i think, a heath aster (symphyotrichum ericoides), but asters are notoriously hard to identify, so that’s my best guess. it seems early for asters, but the heath aster’s bloom period is from july to september, so that’s about right.

heath aster (symphyotrichum ericoides) ?

and you know, if you read this blog, that i just can’t resist me an interesting fungus.

orange shelf fungus

this may actually be a young bracket of laetiporus sulphureus, or “chicken of the woods.” according to mr. google, it’s an edible fungus which can be prepared like chicken (but not by me.)


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